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        1. Bar News News Archive

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            Well-Attended Fourth Annual Constitution Day!

            The VBA, in conjunction with the Vermont Judiciary and Vermont Law School, organized the Fourth Annual Constitution Day, held at VLS in South Royalton last night. The packed house was rapt as the presenters brought life to this year’s theme of “Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society.” ...For us, Constitution Day is every day, so please reach out to the VBA if you’d like to present in any of your local schools or community groups about any aspect of the Constitution. We provide materials and pocket constitutions for your presentations. Click HERE for the full story, including presentation highlights and pictures.

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            VLS Welcomes Incoming Class at the Statehouse

            The incoming 1L class at VLS was treated to a full day orientation at the Statehouse, complete with speeches and interactive panels that included VBA members Michael Chernick, Susanne Young and Joe Benning.  VBA Executive Director, Teri Corsones gave a welcoming speech and informed the students about VBA’s special $25 student rate and all the benefits and events that go with it. Of the 154 members of the incoming class of JD students, 32% are students of color and 54% are women. Throughout the day, students were encouraged to become involved with activities in the state and to consider calling Vermont home.  Click HERE for the full story and pictures! 

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            AG's Third Annual Lawyers Fighting Hunger Food Drive

            Please click on the heading for a letter from Attorney General T.J. Donovan about this year's 3rd Annual Lawyers Fighting Hunger Food Drive (and competition!). The deadline for returning the form to participate is September 6, and the Food Drive timeframe is September 9 – 20. The winners of the different categories will be announced at the VBA Annual Meeting on September 27.