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        1. VBA Blogs

          VBA Blawg

          The official law blog of the Vermont Bar Association, penned by our Executive Director, Teri Corsones, and our Director of Education and Communication, Jennifer Emens-Butler. The VBA Blawg will contain the latest information on VBA activities and programs, and will also connect members with the practices and lives of our community of lawyers in Vermont.

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          VBA Legislative Blawg

          Keep track of the legislative developments affecting those who practice law in Vermont by following the VBA Legislative Blawg, where VBA Government Relations guru Bob Paolini provides updates on what’s going on in the State House. 

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          SCOV Law Blog

          Find out what’s happening at the Vermont Supreme Court, and engage in conversations about the cultural side of lawyering at the SCOV Law Blog. It describes itself as an ongoing conversation about the practice of law in Vermont, featuring summaries of Vermont Supreme Court decisions, legal analysis, and a charming aggregation of creative thought. 

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          Ethical Grounds: The Official Blog of Vermont Bar Counsel

          As Vermont's Bar Counsel, Mike Kennedy's job includes providing guidance on issues relating to attorney ethics. Ethical Grounds is the blog where Mike will share his thoughts on issues that involve ethics, the practice of law, and anything remotely related thereto.

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          Law Practice Management Blog by Red Cave Law Firm Consulting.  

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